Outreach 360

Our deck creation process starts with selecting a subset of topic slides from our Escher Sequence of about 20 slides that includes the classic Sequoia sequence as well as key slides from the sequences favored by Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman. We use ChatGPT and Google Bard throughout and some sophisticated VC Prompts that we have created to provide interim scores for the slide content and the overall flow or the deck. At the end, we will create a score for the overall deck ranking slides from strongest to weakest and potentially moving the weaker ones to the Appendix.

Deck Part 1 – Problem, Solution & Market

Executive Summary – Overview of presentation in 4-5 phrases ending with the Ask amount and terms or can be revealed at end.   

Why Now – Macro or Technology catalyst making this the right time and right sector.

Problem/Solution – 3 great unmet needs or pain points. And a unique, innovative solution that is defensible.  

Market – Big white space where 3-5% share will result in a $500m to $1b valuation in year 5.

Unicorn Analogy – Famous success story with similar elements in business model to create a strong anchor for valuation.

Deck Part 2 – Product, Model & Competitors

Product – Expand on the Solution slide with details showing the range of products or services and introduce the pricing structure.

Business Model – Show how the model improves on competitors using a similar approach and the key edge like lower CAC.

Competitors – Either a Feature Matrix or a Gartner Magic Quadrant scatter plot can be used to show a clear edge.  

Optional Slides: Customers, Traction, Product Market Fit, Risks, Barrier to Entry and Go to Market

Deck Part 3 – Roadmap to Ask

Roadmap – Concrete objectives that will be achieved with Seed, A and B raises.

Financials – Annual revenues, customer and revenue channel growth showing both the 18 month and 5-year horizons. 

Team – Team, Advisors and Strategic Partners showing big brand logos, prior successes, and unique skills.

The Ask – Raise, Valuation or Value Cap, Equity Percent. Next raise valuation/timing. Use of Funds and Milestones.